What is the difference?....

What is the difference between Rattan and Wicker furniture??

This is often a confusing subject and one that is misunderstood a great deal of the time.

So, let's discuss it....

Rattan is a product- it is a close cousin of the Palm tree actually. It is a type of lightweight vine that grows in the jungles of Southeast and East Asia, Africa and South and Central America.

It grows in the shape of a pole and is one of the strongest wood grown. It may grow up to 100 feet tall.

Rattan has a strong core, is very durable and hard to break. It grows between 1 to 3 inches in diameter and is basically a solid cane material. The solid core along with the vertical grain is harvested, cut into smaller, various sized sections and steamed to give varied shapes. The outside skin (the peel) is used generally either to bind furniture together or soaked to become pliable and the strips used to enclose the structure of the furniture. Strips can mechanically peeled from the core to form thin slats that can be later used for weaving as well.

Wicker is not a material but an ancient technique, older than most furniture trends, dating back to around 1400BC. This technique is used to manufacture items out of natural materials such as willow, seagrass, bamboo, rush and of course, rattan core. The natural materials are made wet so that they can be easily woven to create wicker style furniture pieces.

Arogane rattan woven dining chairs

(Arogane woven rattan dining chairs instock at Open House Port Macquarie now)

Rattan is a specific material with spectrums of natural shades whilst wicker can be crafted out of various materials such as bamboo, straw and rattan itself. More recently synthetic materials are also being used in the manufacturing of wicker furniture.

Whilst rattan is very versatile and extremely durable, it will fade if exposed to the sun. Whereas as wicker furniture can be painted or stained, or of course the synthetic treated wicker furniture can be designed to be used outdoors and still last well.

So, there you have it....long story short.....rattan is a very durable and versatile material and wicker is an ancient weaving technique dated from around 1400BC.

We of course, stock many gorgeous rattan pieces of furniture instore in Open House as well as a number of wicker ones.....please pop in and have a browse, they are worth it!

Should you have any questions regarding our rattan and wicker furniture, or any furniture or design enquiries at all, please do not hesitate to pop in store at 216 Hastings River Drive, PORT MACQUARIE, call us on 65 842555 or email either though the website (www.openhouseportmacquarie.com) or at info@openhouseportmacquarie.com.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you instore soon!

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