A sneak peek....

People are constantly surprised when they come into Open House, at just how MUCH stock we have! There is absolutely guaranteed, something instore to suit every style of home and taste.

Today I am just giving you a little taste as to the huge variety of items that we have available to you, to make your home AMAZING!

(our square Recycled table and leather London chairs)

Plus, a little reminder that we also offer Home Styling and Furniture Hire to prepare your home for sale. If you didnt catch it, last week's E-Newsletter was all about the options available to you for Home Styling and examples and testimonials to give you an idea how these services would work for you.

If you are interested in reading the article, just go to our Facebook page at Open House Port Macquarie, there is a link there for you to click onto when you scroll down a little. Should you wish to receive our E-Newsletter, just subscribe through our website at www.openhouseportmacquarie.com.

(An example of Home Styling and Furniture Hire from Open House)

Now, the following are just SOME of the amazing pieces that we have instock, but it is well worth popping in to have a browse so you can really absorb all the wonderful items we have!

Just a little taste.....so much more for you instore....hope to see you again soon at Open House Port Macquarie....remember, we are open 7 days a week!

Like what you see? want more?

Follow us on Instagram at openhouse_portmacquarie... Pinterest at OpenHouse-PortMacquarie...Facebook at Open House Port Macquarie and our website at www.openhouseportmacquarie.com-where you can sign up for our E-Newsletter too :)

Have a great week!

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