It's all in the details....

Using a neutral palette as the base for your home and then mixing in the details to ensure that it suits you and your style in every possible way, and also allows you to change it up when you find a new love or just need a little variety is a great way to keep your home on trend and uncompromised.

The base colour of your walls and ceiling should have a mild tone in line with your home preference. If you love the coastal and hamptons vibe, a pure white or even pale blue are lovely options to create a seaside chilled vibe. Love the tropical? a muted grey, beige or even pale green work well. A country look is your love? a warm white or ivory looks stunning with shabby chic fixtures and furniture.

Feature walls look amazing and dramatic and can really make a statement in a room. Even a black or navy feature wall can be toned back or removed altogether (with a little clever undercoat paintwork ;) to change it up if your taste alter, so don't be afraid of experimenting. (A trial patch is definitely a good idea however, particularly if you are playing with the bold!) Remember, you need a lot of natural light or space if you want to go really out there, so it doesn't overtake the whole room.

Then comes the fun part!!!

Your homewares, furniture and decor items really make your house a home. Choose quality trinkets and nik naks that speak to your heart and style and don't overdo it!

You can definitely have too much of a good thing....unless you love busy and ecclectic of course!

Quality fixtures and fittings make a noticeable difference to your home, however they are expensive to replace so unless you are sure you are going to love those 1 of a kind, custom made brass fittings forever, more classic pieces may be safer and cheaper in the long run.

Plants are a great way to create and easy to replace if your thumb isn't completely green they look amazing and are great for your health and well being too and all styles work with some particular types of plants, just see what you love and it is sure to work in your home too.

But, most importantly, have fun! it is your home and you want to enjoy it and be happy in it....every single day!

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