We are talking Coastal this week....

This week's theme is really relevant as to where we are lucky enough to live, in the Mid North Coast of NSW. So many gorgeous beaches...we are so blessed to have this amazing landscape to draw inspiration from on a daily basis. White and neutral backdrop, muted tones of the seaside and lush greenery filters in. It then goes hand in hand that a coastal, beachy chic look to your home would fit right in. At Open House we have the Coastal vibe down to an art form. Many of our furnishings are just perfect for achieving that cool, chilled vibe that comes from living so close to the coast. Here are a few ideas for you...and please also check out this weeks newsletter, which is also coastal focused this week. Also, remember that we are here to help you achieve the perfect look that YOU are after, for your home!!

White and vanilla base, muted seaside hues, highlights of lush greenery...perfect

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